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The Making of Approach

It all began on 10th may'2000, when APPROACH came into being. A baby born out of a quest for raising the bar in mass communication's most effective mode: Advertising. The stumbling blocks were many, and so were the bottle-necks. But with resolve, they all gave way, turning into stepping stones for higher and higher vistas to envision and greater heights to scale. And so the journey kept moving, crossing milestones along it's path. The accolades started pouring in, and also grew the pats on our backs.

19 years down the lane, APPROACH is making heads turn around. It is constantly adding a different perspective to the eye, from a sublime one to a more obvious one. AND ABOVE ALL, IT IS CONVEYING THE MESSAGE TO AN INCREASINGLY LARGER AUDIENCE.


APPROACH is a highly dynamic people-oriented group of individuals possessing an entire range of creative armory to satisfy our client's needs. We at Approach believes in delivering tailor made advertising services based on the specific needs of our clients.

APPROACH's strength lies in a sound 3 -tier structure that includes able man-power in creative, client servicing, media and research departments, state-of-the-art studio facilities and a wealth of experience in the form of it's mentors and senior professionals. Located in Lucknow, Delhi and Kolkata, APPROACH has 3 capable and fully equipped service branches that are strategically located to cater to a wide array of clients spread over a large area.