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Another significant factor about the functional aspect of APPROACH is it's collaboration with the leading Hindi Dailies which cover almost 50% of total Indian population spread through the entire northern India, as well as parts of central India. Their impeccable reach gives APPROACH the defining edge over others in carrying the message to a larger section of the target audiences. No wonder, APPROACH was awarded the Largest Billing Agency for the year 2000 by Hindi Daily Amar Ujala.


APPROACH is here and it is going to stay. New ideas will keep mushrooming with time while old ones will be given a fresh makeover, a new AVATAAR, for a better gelling with the changing times. While all of this shall continue, there are certain dos and don'ts that shall always stand the test of times. These are some of the most powerful factors that have always been the main torch-bearers of APPROACH and have successfully catapulted it to higher echelons of success.

  • At APPROACH, it is always the good old principle "Promise only that, which you can deliver" that applies to its' everyday functioning.
  • Be it in quality, creativity or time-bound delivery, compromise is a big NO…NO… at APPROACH.
  • APPROACH promises to give undulated attention to every detail during the execution of a campaign.
  • APPROACH shall also abide by its' promises that it makes to its' clients.
  • APPROACH would always strive hard to not only meet the expectations of its clients, but also exceed them.